Friday, January 28, 2011

Be Happy, No Worries!

I went to a wonderful place tonight.

There was funky French pop streaming through the airwaves and the enthralling smell of coffee.

I went a little crazy in this place called, "Tully's Coffee" in Irvine. I asked the barista what her favorite drink was and proceeded to pay for a warm treat that was not the regular cup of coffee I generally gravitate towards.

She excitedly made a "dirty chai" for me.

A soy chai latte with espresso. I don't think any further explanation is necessary. It was fantastical!

I have this friend named Taline. We were planning on a movie tonight but it didn't end up working out. The night consisted of Barnes & Nobles roaming and a dirty chai with a side of conversation.

As nice as it is to get lost in a story for a few hours, I still think conversation is much better.

I've noticed lately that most of the time when I have wise words (what I think is wise) to share with others, I need to hear it more. My mind is like a movie reel right now, as all my good advice from the past week is taking over my thoughts. It feels healing.

I'm happy tonight because I know God is totally in love with me and my friend Taline. I am also happy because I get to share life and conversation with beautiful people. Life is not quite as difficult as I make it ;)

When is the last time you were purely happy for simple reasons even when your circumstances weren't?

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