Friday, January 21, 2011

Caught Red Handed--

Color brings life! Isn't it so neat that God created color? One of my favorite way to use color is on my nails. I know I've had a lazy week if I haven't re-polished at least twice (even if it is the same color).

I wear red most of the time because as much as I'd like to venture out, I don't go far past a similar shade of red from the previous. I'm not sure what that says about me, hmm...
Since this is a blog and people tend to like pictures more than words, I thought I'd share my two favorite things right now. First, above is the new, Sally Hansen Color Quick Nail Enamel in "red". I think it runs around $10. I've read some pretty nasty reviews about the product although, I have only had great luck with it. Definitely would buy again. Fits perfectly in your purse and won't crack ;)
This little baby above has been a staple for the past few months. I can't get myself away from it! Again, by Sally Hansen. This color is "Red Zin". Love this polish, love this color. End of story!

I feel bold wearing red on my nails. I feel like a woman, both strong and delicate. Sometimes the little moments like now, to pause and reflect on my nail polish, (ha) drive me.

What brings color to your world? How do the colors in your world inspire you?
Comment, be silent, email. Tell me! Inspire me with YOUR words.

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