Sunday, September 20, 2009

I've been working all weekend in the SS department (Support Services) and that means I cleaned toilets and vacuumed A LOT! Let's just say that cleaning a toilet that's not your own is say the least. The initiation process included sitting inside a plastic bag and sucking all the air out with the edger of a vacuum as well as flushing my hand down a toilet (with a glove on of course, but still gross!) I have a whole new appreciation for janitors, maids, housekeepers and any job that fits this description...
Last night was such a cool night. Rachelle planned a “girls night” and she said to meet outside. I went out there and I was so tired and didn’t want to go. Once I got out there I saw 5 girls and a HUGE bowl of popcorn. We sat out and looked at the stars and all of us shared our hearts. Rachelle asked me to share what had happened the other night after someone had shared their testimony. I basically ended up sharing mine and I told everyone how God spoke to me that night. Later, we all prayed and asked God to show us or tell us something. Out loud, I prayed that He would show me my worth and my beauty because I didn’t feel it. I closed my eyes for a while and I didn’t think God would speak to me, honestly. I opened my eyes and looked at the stars. I said to myself, “wow those are soo beautiful.” I felt for a second that God was telling me that but then I said, “No, that doesn’t even make sense. The stars all look the same, there’s nothing special or unique about them.” Then I heard Him say, “Wow Lindsay, you have NO idea what the stars look like from my view. I know them by name and I made each one to shine differently but each is just as beautiful in their own way.” I was basically in awe. All I can say is God is so amazing and I am so glad I can say this more confidently than I have ever been able to before.

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