Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have no cool title

I love to write. Sometimes I find it to be a chore because my hand has a hard time keeping up with my mind. The best thing about writing is looking back and rereading. It really is a beautiful thing. I've recognized how I've grown and evolved through rereading old journals and writings. There isn't anything that would keep me from not continuing.

I began something profound tonight. I was hesitant in blogging about this and I'm not sure why but from the minimal traffic on here, I pray that one person could be inspired to do the same.

I regularly write in two journals. One is my "everyday" journal and the other is a journal about the future....I journal my goals and dreams along with where I feel God may be leading me. So the second is more "big picture" thoughts.

I bought a new journal tonight. The journal I bought tonight was for something very new and exciting. It's for my husband. I began writing to him tonight. I have no clue who he is, by the way. My best friend has been bugging me about it for awhile now, saying, "Lindsay start writing letters to your husband...SERIOUSLY." So after hearing those words yet again, I decided to do it.

It was so different writing to someone I don't know but writing to him in such closeness. I can't explain it but I loved it! You should try.

I sort want to venture off the journal thing for a sec and unfortunately I have no good transitional statement but I just wanted to say this:

I have talked to Christians who think it's weird to ask God who your spouse is because God could NEVER be so specific as to tell you exactly who he/she is when they walk into your life....right?
Instead we scope out some prospects, date around, get hurt, revaluate, try again.

That truly is one of the saddest thing to ever hear from a Christian. I'd venture to say most Christians would vocalize their belief that God is able to or has "opened" or "closed" doors in their life, confirmed a new career venture, guided them in relocating to a new home, answered a prayer, or maybe even done something miraculous in their life, but why is it so difficult to believe God could tell you who your spouse is? I mean, we're dealing with the God of the UNIVERSE...better yet, he's dealing with US yet we keep him squished and squared away inside a cozy box.

Anyways, enough of that. I just wanted to share this. I think everyone should ask God who their spouse is. I think everyone should pray relentlessly for their spouse.

Also, start writing to your spouse. Think about how awesome it would be to get a journal full of entries from your future spouse before they even knew you...that's pretty rad.

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  1. Lindsay I am joining you in prayer for God to show you in do time . Also I am so privileged to see what God is doing in your life. I love you.